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Double Bank Weather Louvre Type DBL

If the need to protect against rain ingress is acute, look no further than HVC Series DB Double Bank Louvres.

With a design which both catches and ejects water back through the louvre face, these louvres are perfect where the area behind the louvre must be protected from water.

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  • Extremely high levels of rain protection
  • Blade design enables water to be caught and drained away
  • Rear mounted channels allow efficient removal of water from the louvre

With a double banked chevron blade arrangement designed specifically to prevent the passage of rain through the louvre, Series DB Double Bank Louvres are intended for use where rain ingress must be prevented, and where the standard single bank construction is not sufficient.

Apart from the improved resistance to rain ingress, Series DB Double Banked Louvres are suitable for anywhere a standard weather louvre would be suitable for.


The name really does say it all, Series DB Double Bank Louvres are just that. A chevron arrangement of either WL50, WL75 or WL100 blades, means that any rain not caught by the outside most bank, is caught by the second bank, dropping onto the frame and is then ejected through the louvre face.

Aesthetics wise, from the front Double Bank Louvres look exactly the same as their single banked cousins. This enables the use of both single and double bank louvres in the same situation, with no need to worry about whether the two will contrast each others appearance.

Available with rear mounted volume control dampers or backdraught shutters, bird or insect mesh, and in any colour you can think of in a tough polyester powder coat finish, HVC can make your Series DBL Double Bank Louvre match your exact needs straight from despatch.


Application High Rain Protection External Louvre
Recommended Use Intake & Return
Overall Dimension Nominal + 127mm
Overall Depth 153mm
Minimum Wall Depth 149mm
Free Area 50%
Mass per m2 30kg
Standard Frame 76mm Flat
Standard Finish Mill Aluminium
Material Extruded Aluminum
Blade Type Fixed




In addition to the standard finish, we offer polyester powder coating in all RAL and BS colours

Insect Screen

Much finer than bird screen, insect screen can prevent much smaller objects from travelling through the louvre

Bird Screen

Designed to prevent any objects greater than 12mm wide being able to penetrate the louvre


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