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Perforated Plate Diffuser Type PPD

Perfect for ceilings.

Specifically designed for mounting in ceilings, Perforated Plate Diffusers bring all the advantages of perforated plate in a ceiling diffuser type frame.

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  • Excellent diffusion characteristics
  • Suitable for both supply and extract applications
  • Ceiling diffuser type frame
  • Extruded aluminium construction

Incorporating the same frame as is used by our range of louvre faced ceiling diffusers, Series PPD Perforated Plate Diffusers lay into ceiling grids perfectly.

The perforated steel core results in a unit suitable for both extract and supply applications. When being used for supply, the throw created is stable, creating an area where the only air is what has just been supplied, perfect for clean rooms. For extract, the nearly 50% free area gives good capability for air handling.


Constructed with an extruded aluminium frame, and a perforated steel plate held securely in place, Series PPD Perforated Plate Diffusers are extremely simply units, but are highly effective when used for extract or supply.

The use of ceiling diffuser type frame makes fitting especially easy into a standard T bar ceiling grid. Countersunk fixing holes are also available if required, and must be stated at time of order.

With volume control, deflector plates and plenum boxes all available for your perforated plate diffuser, you can be certain HVC will provide exactly what you need. See the option section above to discover more.


Application General Purpose Internal Diffuser General Purpose Internal Diffuser c/w Opposed Blade Damper
Recommended Use Supply and Extract Supply and Extract
Overall Dimension Nominal + 145mm Nominal + 145mm
Overall Depth 49mm 49mm
Free Area 32% 32%
Mass per m2 6kg 14kg
Standard Frame Ceiling Diffuser Type Ceiling Diffuser Type
Standard Finish Mill Aluminium Frame, Bare Steel Core Mill Aluminium Frame, Bare Steel Core
Material Extruded Aluminium Frame, Perforated Steel Core Extruded Aluminium Frame, Perforated Steel Core
Core Type Perforated Plate Perforated Plate




In addition to the standard finish, we offer polyester powder coating in all RAL and BS colours

Opposed Blade Damper

Designed to be fitted to the rear of a wide range of grilles and diffusers. Easy to adjust and enable localised volume control

Plenum Box

An essential component of many ventilation systems, plenum boxes are available in a wide variety of configurations


Louvre Faced Diffusers

With exactly the same frame as PPDs, Series CD Ceiling Diffusers are a real alternative to perforated plate diffusers, removable core as standard

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