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High performance plastic volume control damper Type LF uPVC VCD

Extremely low leakage volume control damper.

Perfect for natural ventilation systems.

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  • Ultra low leakage design
  • Independently tested
  • 2.76 m3/hr/m2 leakage at 50 Pa static pressure
  • Corrosion resistant materials used throughout
  • Purpose designed for natural ventilation systems
  • Available factory fitted with a full range of actuators

An ultra high shut off volume control damper, the LF uPVC VCD is purpose designed for the next generation of natural ventilation systems and highly energy efficient buildings.

Making use of corrosion resistant materials, these dampers are also suitable for coastal or marine installations like oil rigs, and also in swimming pools where the chlorinated atmosphere can quickly corrode even stainless steel volume control dampers.


LF uPVC plastic volume control dampers are entirely constructed from lightweight and corrosion resistant materials, making use of uPVC, aluminium and stainless steel. This gives this model of VCD an inherent resistance to corrosion, far in excess of galvanised steel units.

The LF uPVC VCD has been independently tested and confirmed to have a leakage rate of just 2.76 m3/hr/ms at 50 Pa of static pressure. This is over 70% better than the 10 m3/s/m2 requirement set out in Part L of Building Regulations.

We recommend the use of Belimo actuators for control, and can supply the full range of open close, modulating or spring return models factory fitted to uPVC VCDs. Within natural ventilation applications the use of penthouse louvres is also becoming a preffered system. Click here to see a recently finished multi-million pound school in Bristol, now using HVC penthouse louvres and uPVC plastic volume control dampers.


Application Natural Ventilation, Marine Environment
Recommended Use Volume Control
Overall Dimension Nominal + 85mm
Overall Depth 130mm
Standard Frame 40mm Flange
Standard Finish White
Material uPVC
Blade Type Eccentric Aerofoil
Standard Control Option Actuators, Locking Quadrants etc




The recently overhauled blade and seal design means small, cost effective actuators can now be used with LF uPVC VCDs. See the downloadable PDF for more details.

Manual Control Options

Cast aluminium locking quadrants with their integrated visual position indicator are the only hand control option we recommend for use with uPVC Volume Control Dampers


If the standard flanged option is not suitable, square, circular or flat oval spigots can be fitted


Penthouse Louvres

Combine your uPVC Volume Control Damper with a Penthouse Louvre for exceptional natural ventilation system performance

Standard Louvres

We are able to manufacture ready made units combining a standard louvre like a WL50 with a uPVC VCD. A ready made natural ventilation unit

Interior Grille

A wide range of interior grilles are suitable for use with uPVC Volume Control Dampers. Linear Bar Grilles are just one commonly used type

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