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NCA Series 100 Fire Dampers - CE marked

NCA Series 100 fire dampers are a CE marked 'E' rated curtain type fire damper.

Fully assessed against the requirements of BS EN 15650.

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  • CE marked 'E' rated fire damper
  • Vertical installations for masonry walls and drywall partitions
  • Horizontal installation to suit concrete floors
  • Galvanised steel construction as standard with stainless steel optional
  • Available to suit square, rectangular, circular and flat oval ductwork

Fire dampers are designed to be used as part of building compartmentalisation, this being the process of constructing a building with zones. The purpose of this is that if a fire starts in any one zone, it is contained within that zone and not allowed to spread, thereby potentially saving lives, limiting damage to the building and making the job of fire fighters easier.

It is useful to think of fire dampers as being similar to fire doors, allowing an unrestricted flow of air during normal operation, but shutting down a potential transmission route in the event of fire, in this case ductwork.


Series 100 fire dampers are constructed from three main parts, and comprise a folding steel curtain type blade pack, damper case and installation frame.

The damper case acts as the main frame of the damper, containing the blade pack and providing the mounting point for the installation frame. In the event of exposure to elevated temperatures the blade pack is released and closes off the duct with a steel barrier. The installation frame is designed to integrate the fire damper into the partition, and is currently available in the following types:

  • HEVAC frame - To suit masonry walls
  • Plate frame - To suit masonry walls, drywall partitions and concrete floors

S100 fire dampers are available with a range of options to suit most installations. Manufactured as standard from galvanised steel, the blade pack and/or case can also be manufactured from grades 430, 316 or 304 stainless steel. A range of maintenance assisting options are also available, including visual position indicators to display damper status from outside ductwork, and resettable links to enable easier testing.





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