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Sand Trap Louvre Type STL

Tested to BS EN 13181:2001 by BSRIA giving proven high performance.

We can arrange international shipping to regions including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar . Please contact us for more information about international shipping of sand trap louvres.

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  • Tested to BS EN 13181:2001
  • Over 90% efficient at 0.5 m/s windspeed
  • Extruded aluminium construction
  • Powder coated finish available

HVC Series STL Sand Trap Louvres are designed to work in partnership with other filtration equipment to remove any dirt being carried in the air, before it can be distributed throughout HVAC systems.

Of course a louvre of this sort will not remove fine dust from the air, it is simply not designed to. However, it is designed to work in partnership with more precise filters behind it. The louvre works to removes the largest particles like sand grains, before they have the chance to clog the multi stage filters later in the system.


Consisting of two banks of custom made channel, with spacing appropriate to allow sufficient airflow, HVC Series STL Sand Trap Louvres are designed to prevent the vast majority of large particles like sand grains being able to pass through the louvre.

Catching the material is only one part of the process though, the material then has to be collected and ejected. Our design means that collection of the material is done by gravity, the vertical channels guide any caught material onto a weather louvre blade. This solves the ejection problem as well; rather than using ejection holes which are prone to clogging, especially in wet weather, Series STL Sand Trap Louvres have a single weather louvre blade mounted under the channels which any caught material simply slides off.

Functionally then Series STL Sand Trap Louvres are rather adept at their job. How do they fare looks wise though? Well, combine one with vertical cladding and colour match appropriately and you probably wouldn't even see it. Options wise Sand Trap Louvres benefit from the same comprehensive range of accessories as most HVC products. Volume control or non return dampers can be factory fitted to the rear of the unit, as can bird or insect mesh among other things.


Application Particle Filtering External Louvre
Recommended Use Intake
Overall Dimension Nominal + 80mm
Overall Depth 102mm
Minimum Wall Depth 98mm
Free Area 33%
Mass per m2 20kg
Standard Frame 51mm Flat
Standard Finish Mill Aluminium
Material Extruded Aluminum
Blade Type Fixed


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In addition to the standard finish, we offer polyester powder coating in all RAL and BS colours

Bird Screen

Designed to prevent any objects greater than 12mm wide being able to penetrate the louvre

Insect Screen

Much finer than bird screen, insect screen can prevent much smaller objects from travelling through the louvre


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