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What Is A Fire Damper?

A fire damper is a fire protection device installed in the ducts of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. In the event of a fire, the device resists the spread of a fire in a section where air ductwork passes through walls, floors and partitions. Browse our full range of fire dampers below.

How Do Fire Dampers Work?

A fire damper device usually consists of the following parts:A frame

  • One or multiple movable blades
  • An actuation device - springs or specialised
  • A thermal release mechanism

In a neutral position, the fire damper’s blades are left in an open position. This allows airflow to pass through the duct with ease. The thermal release mechanism contains the actuation device, which controls the movement of the blades.

When a trigger occurs, for example, the temperature inside the duct raises above the maximum rated temperature or the thermal release mechanism loses power to the actuator, the thermal release mechanism is released, allowing the actuation device to quickly change the blades to a closed position. At this stage, the duct is shut down and the spread of any smoke and fire is impeded.

Our Wide Range Of Fire Dampers

At HVC Supplies, we stock a wide range of certified fire dampers.

HVC Supplies also offers one of the widest ranges of grilles, diffusers, louvre systems, volume control dampers and fire dampers available.  HVC Supplies are one of the most reliable UK manufacturers. Our ranges are being expanded and updated continuously to meet new fire industry requirements and customer needs. 

If you can’t find what exactly you’re looking for, or if you require additional information about our fire dampers, contact us today to call us or to make an enquiry online.


Extensive product range

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