Ventilation Grilles

Ventilation grilles are a static cover which offers improved ventilation to your application. This prevents mould growth or structural damage and allows the optimal climate for the room, as well as providing a safe airflow for people. They work by moving air through the room and removing humidity or pollution. The large gaps in the grill mean that air can be passed through at a low pressure. They also offer an aesthetic appeal, covering any holes or outlets on the wall or ceiling.  Applications of grilles include, but are not limited to: 

  • Educational buildings
  • Commercial offices
  • Industrial buildings
  • Cupboard doors and storage units
  • Public buildings and facilities
  • Exhibition centres and halls

We offer a range of products including spiral duct grilles, pressed steel grilles, deflection and fixed blade grilles, eyelash grilles, floor grilles, egg crate grilles, linear grilles, non-vision grilles and perforated plate grilles for both domestic and commercial applications. As there are no moving components on grilles, they are one of the easiest ventilation systems to maintain. 

Our grilles are manufactured with the highest quality and specification in mind. Linear grilles in particular need to be manufactured to meet certain requirements for performance and efficiency. Take a look at the products we have to offer and if you are interested in our grilles for your application or would like any more information, contact us today and we will be happy to help answer your enquiries

Extensive ventilation grille range

HVC Supplies offer one of the widest ranges of grilles, diffusers, louvre systems, volume control dampers and fire dampers available from any UK manufacturer, with our range being constantly expanded to suit new industry requirements and customer demands. We understand the importance of high-quality components to suit a variety of needs and requirements, so browse through our product range today.

With a dedicated design team working on both new developments and bespoke projects, why not try HVC for your next project? If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or if you require additional information, contact us today to find out more information or to make an enquiry.



Ventilation Grilles

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