What size hole do I need to cut for my grille, diffuser or louvre?

The same as the nominal. Unless stated otherwise and in the vast majority of cases, the size you give us will be taken to be the nominal, i.e. the size of the aperture into which you will be fitting the grille, diffuser or louvre. From this size HVC shall deduct a tolerance, permitting the neck of the unit to fit into the hole comfortably. This tolerance is normally between 9 – 15mm, however, does vary by product type, therefore please download the specific product PDF for further details. There are notable exceptions to the above: Series CD ceiling diffusers are normally specified by their neck size, not their nominal. However, you should still cut any holes into which CDs are to be fitted to the nominal. This also applies to Series SFCD and LFCD circular diffusers. The nominal size of dampers will normally refer to the ductwork size they are to suit, not to any aperture size. Got more questions about grilles, diffusers or louvre? get in touch If you have any more questions about grilles, diffusers or louvres, please do not hesitate to contact HVC Supplies today. Our dedicated customer service team will be more than happy to answer any queries.

What Are Ceiling Diffusers?

The term ‘ceiling diffuser’ normally refers to louvre faced ceiling diffusers – the louvre ventilation terminals seen in the ceilings of commercial spaces all over the world. Louvre faced ceiling diffusers have been popular for decades. Their architectural appearance belies a high performance diffuser with a multitude of configurations and options, including multiple blow directions, rear mounted volume control dampers and removable cores. These options assist both initial installation and ongoing maintenance. Intended for supply applications, these diffusers can also be used in a return (extract) function when a consistent appearance throughout an installation is required.   Installing Ceiling DIffusers Louvre faced ceiling diffusers can be installed in various methods: Laying into drop in ceiling tile systems (normally 600mm x 600mm or 500mm x 500mm). Pre-punched fixing holes for screw fixing into plasterboard ceilings.  Burgess tile system installation through use of dedicated Burgess compatible frame.  Integration into other proprietary ceiling tile systems, e.g. Armstrong.  Installed properly, a ceiling diffuser will provide more than adequate infusion of fresh air into a given space, providing adequate ventilation and temperature control.  Ceiling Diffusers From HVC  HVC has been manufacturing high quality diffusers since the 1970’s. Today, we are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of this consistently in demand product. We hold thousands of standard size ceiling diffusers in stock, including those with and without opposed blade dampers for localized volume control, in our West Midlands warehouse. Thanks to our supply chain and quick service, we are able to supply even the largest orders on a next day basis. As well as a range of diffusers, we also offer linear slot diffusers, as well as a full range of fire dampers and louvre accessories.   In addition to the supply of standard sizes, we retain the ability to manufacture bespoke units in non-standard sizes, with our renowned industry beating lead times.  For further information on our range of ceiling diffusers, or any of our products, please contact HVC today.

What Are Swirl Diffusers?

Arguably the most effective type of ceiling mounted diffuser available, swirl diffusers are renowned for their high performance and their true 360 degree throw.  An alternative to louvre-faced ceiling diffusers, swirl diffusers are generally available in either fixed or adjustable variants. Fixed swirls, as their name suggests, have a circular pattern of fixed blades designed to throw air radially across the underside of a ceiling. Using the Coanda effect, this newly supplied air will spread widely until slowing and falling into the occupied space, thus a wide area can be ventilated from a single point.  Adjustable swirl diffusers differ in that directly behind the fascia plate are individually adjustable blades. These can be set to throw air in any direction. As such, they can throw air radially like a fixed swirl, but they can also throw it in a single direction across the ceiling or even straight down. This makes adjustable swirls well suited to installations where ventilation patterns may need to be changed, without the need to physically move diffusers.  Swirl Diffusers From HVC  Both fixed and adjustable swirl diffusers are also available in circular or square formats. Circular swirls tend to be mounted directly to the ends of ductwork in large open plan spaces like airport terminals, square swirls in contrast generally suit lay in ceiling tile systems commonly fitted into commercial spaces, such as offices.  HVC holds one of the largest stocks in the UK of square swirl diffusers, in both fixed and adjustable variants, giving us the ability to supply even the largest orders on a next day basis from our centrally located warehousing facilities in the West Midlands. As well as swirl diffusers, we also carry a full range of HVAC products, such as linear slot diffusers and fire dampers. Furthermore, we can also supply a range of ancillary products, like specially adapted plenum boxes, to suit swirl diffusers and single blade dampers for local volume control.  For further information on our range of ceiling diffusers please contact HVC today.

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