Heavy Duty Shut Off Dampers at Nuttall Packaging

  • Nuttall Packaging, Manchester
  • 21st April 2021

Nuttall Packaging is a packaging company based in Manchester. They supply high quality bespoke cardboard packaging in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner. 

Working closely with IntegratedAIR systems, we supplied products to aid the development of an economical summer/winter divert cycle in order to recycle the extract air to heat and cool the workplace throughout the year. 

Having recently introduced our Series 800CA heavy-duty shutoff volume control damper, we advised this product was perfect to use with the products already provided by IntegratedAIR to help control the airflow in and out of the workplace at Nuttall Packaging. The Series 800CA damper we proposed needed to be able to deal with high velocities being extracted from the workplace which our S800 could do due to the robust construction, utilising a 180mm deep galvanised steel frame, extruded aluminium aerofoil blade and steel drive system. Furthermore, our S800CA has silicone rubber blade edge seals, stainless steel side seals and EPDM rubber stop gap seals offering a very low leakage rate which also assisted the aim of having an economical summer/winter divert cycle. 

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In addition to the above, our client needed a grille to aid with the extraction of dust and trim in the workplace. We supplied single deflection grilles fitted with opposed blade dampers. The adjustable set of single bank blades allows the direction of airflow to be altered to improve functionality and the opposed blades on the rear of the grille can be used to control the airflow. 

The client was happy with all of the above that we proposed. An order was soon placed and one week later IntegratedAIR systems received delivery of the below: 

  • 2 of our Series 800CA heavy-duty shutoff dampers at 900x900mm fitted with Belimo NM24- A power open/close motors. We can manufacture single sections of up to 2000x2000mm and provide a full range of Belimo motors. 

  • 4 of our Series SD single deflection grilles at 650x450mm fitted with opposed blade damper. 

All of the above products were manufactured and delivered by our hard-working team at HVC Supplies. The overall outcome was positive for both companies as we offered a “good service with a good turnaround time” which enabled IntegratedAIR systems to continue their successful relationship with Nuttall Packaging. 

For more information on any of the products above, please see our website. You can also call us on 01384 376555 or email you can email us on sales@h-v-c.co.uk.

Heavy Duty Shut Off Dampers at Nuttall Packaging

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